Our Superintendent

A Message From the Superintendent

North River Christian Academy is a community outreach mission of New Beginning Family Worship Center. As the senior pastor of New Beginning, I consider it an honor and privilege to serve you and your children. We consider our school to be a true ministry to those we serve and our desire is to provide a quality education with a biblical worldview that promotes character and academic excellence.

We believe every child can be a champion. Not just champions in the classroom, but champions in life. But we understand champions are made not born. One of our core values is excellence, and every day at North River Christian Academy, we strive toward that goal in every area of student life. In 1 Corinthians chapter 9, Paul compared our lives to a race. He instructed the believers of Corinth to “run” to win. This is a philosophy of life we want to instill in every child. Be and do your best, and never quit. We want each child to be and do their best spiritually, academically, and athletically.

Understanding that it takes a champion to build a champion, our administration, teachers, and staff pledge to do our part and to lead by example. Believing that prayer and preparation are cornerstone principles for potentiating success, we pledge to enter the classroom prepared to teach and to pray regularly for your child by name. We also pledge to provide a clean, safe, wholesome, and encouraging learning environment. Lastly, we pledge to partnership with you in your child’s education. We cannot do this alone. We need your prayers, your hands, and your help. We encourage constructive suggestions and positive input to help us reach our goals.

Thank you for trusting North River Christian Academy with your child’s education and character development.

In Christ Alone,
Randy Fuller, Senior Pastor
New Beginning Family Worship Center

A ministry of New Beginning Family Worship Center

North River Christian Academy

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